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Hostels in Europe's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Hostels in Europe

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hostel in Minsk =) [16 Aug 2012|05:59am]


You would like to stay in the center of capital and at the same time stay away from city bustle? To enjoy warm receipt and home comfort? You may think, -“It’s too good to be true”. This is because you haven’t stayed in the “EasyFlat” hostel yet!

"EasyFlat" hostel is situated in the heart of Minsk in the Berestianskaya 4 Street, which is in 5 minute walk from the main ave of Minsk - the Independence Ave.

"EasyFlat" hostel  is an accommodation for active tourists who would like to spend their trip with comfort and at the same time with minimum of costs. And what is the thing travelers miss most of all during their trip? Surely, this is home warmth and coziness. We’ve done our best to make our guests feel at home. Home atmosphere is the thing the thing that makes our hostel so special.

Services and prices

Affordability is concept of our work. Accommodation fee for one person per night is 15$. Hostel “EasyFlat” makes such combination of price, comfort and quality of services available for you.

Included in price:

  • Bed linen, towel, slippers
  • Cozy two-storied bed with orthopedic matrass
  • Wi-Fi Internet
  • Tea, potable water
  • Hairdryer, iron, ironing board, draining board
  • Refrigerator, microwave oven, kitchen stove, tableware
  • Private lockable cupboard

At additional costs:

  • Laundering
  • Ironing
  • he Safe
  • LAVAZZA coffee prepared in the coffee machine especially for you

Our receptionists will help you to organize an excursion around the city, horse ride, transfer, food delivery.

We will do our best to make your visit to Minsk and stay in our hostel positive and memorable.

Why us?

Convenient location! Center of the city!

Advantageous neighboring infrastructure makes stay of our guests the most comfortable. Everything you may need is at hand!

You can buy food products at the local “Gastronom”, which is just in front of the hostel (8.00-22.00).

If you would like to buy fresh fruits and vegetables or choose from a wider range of products, there is Komarovski market just in 4 tram stops (Yakuba Kolasa stop). Open 9.00-19.00. Day off – Monday.

It’s really great to be on holiday, but the thing you should always take care of is your health. Chemist's shop is located on the ground floor of the building the hostel is situated. Working hours: 8.00-20.30

To strengthen your health we recommend you to visit the neighboring bathcomplex “Laznya” (Marevskaya 5 Street). You will find here sauna, solarium, training hall, hairdressing saloon, aquaaerobics, swimming pool (Monday-Tuesday - 7.00-23.00; Wednesday–Sunday - 7.00-12.00), billiards, café. Open 8.00-23.00. Day off – Monday, Friday.

Close allocation to the "Victory Square" underground station and to the public transport stops above it allows our guests to move cheaply and quickly through the central part of the capital (the Rakovskoye suburb in the Upper Town, St. Catherine church, the Trinity suburb, Church of Saints Simon and Helena, the National Academic Big Theatre of Opera and Ballet) and the facilities for entertainment.


We work 24 hours!

Receptionists of our hostel speak fluent English. We are considerate to your every request. Write to us, call us, send us e-mails – the staff of "EasyFlat" hostel  will answer you immediately and do their best to meet your requirements.


How you can get to our hostel

From the railway station, Central bus terminal:

                 Take tram №1 or №4 and get to the stop “Z.Byaduli”. After getting off the tram, go back till the first turn, turn left and move along Maryevskaya St. When you reach Berestianskaya St., cross it – you are in front of the building where our hostel is located. Move on to the yard, press 21 on the entrance door intercom and wait for the friendly greeting of the receptionists of "EasyFlat" hostel.

                 Or you can take tram №7 at the same stop and get to the stop “Chapaeva St.” After getting of the tram move along Berestianskaya St. until you reach building №4.

From the airport “Minsk-2”:

Every hour there is a bus from the airport to Minsk (the way will take you 40-60 minutes). A bus arrives at the bus terminal “Moskovski”. Find underground station “Moskovskaya” and move to the station “Ploschad Pobedy”. On the station move the direction the train goes. From the glass door turn right, again turn right, cross the street and you will see a tram stop – take any tram, get off the next stop (“Z.Byaduli”) and move till the first crossroad with Berestianskaya St.

Or you can go by taxi.

Rules of residence

1.Check-in time – after 14.00, check-out time – before 13.00.

2.You can become a guest of our hostel only if you have passport or  other document that indicates your personality.

3.You are accommodated only after you’ve paid the whole accommodation fee.

4.The prolongation of your stay is possible in case of availability of free beds.

5."EasyFlat" hostel is not responsible for the private things left unattended. Valuables can be kept in the safe at the reception during your stay.

6.You are not allowed to take strong drinks and drugs.

7. You are not allowed to smoke in the hostel. Smoking is allowed only in the yard in the area designated as smoking.

8.Guests under 18 must have notarized power of attorney from both parents, which allows them to be accommodated in the hostel on their own.

9.During your stay in the hostel you must observe the order.

10. Guests are obliged to pay for any damage they cause.

11. At the day of the departure, the guest is obliged to allow the hotel staff to check in his or her presence all rooms to prove that they are not damaged. Only then is the guest allowed to depart.

12.The guest who violates house rules and disturbs the peace after 23.00 will be unconditionally refused accommodation.

13.You get the key for your private lockable cupboard after leaving 20 000 bel. rubles as a deposit, after you return the key you will get the whole sum in corpore.

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majorly xposted [13 May 2007|10:26am]
hi. from mid dec through mid jan 08, i will be traveling throughout italy (incl turin, vincenza, florence, siena, rome, campobasso, naples, and hopefully making it as far south as sicily). any recommendations on hotels or hostels? thanks in advance.
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London, Madrid, Rome? [09 Apr 2007|10:21pm]

Does anyone have any travel tips for London, Madrid, and Rome? I mean, tips in the sense of what hostels to look into and which are in bad neighborhoods. I will be travelling alone for a couple months this summer, so staying in a scary part of town is not acceptable.

I've been looking on hostels.com, but there are so many listed! I don't know what parts of those cities to stay away from and what parts are the best. Thanks a lot for your help.

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Tuscany [13 Mar 2007|05:22pm]

Some friends and I traveling around Italy next month and are spending a night in Florence, but then want to spend a few days away from the city, out in the countryside in Tuscany. We are all students, and thus, looking for a cheap (and safe) place to stay. Any reccomendations?
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dumb questions [08 Nov 2006|06:55pm]

Hi everyone,

I'm going to be traveling to Dublin and it will be my first time overseas, which I'm excited as hell about. However, this also means I've never stayed in a hostel before so I'm seeking some advice.

- Have any of you stayed at the avalon house in Dublin? If so, I'd love to hear all about it.
- The avalon house is going to be providng breakfast and lunch; what kind of meals do you usually see at hostels? I'm a vegetarian and I'm worried that I won't be able to eat.
- The hostel has a kitchen, which MIGHT be a saving grace if the lunches aren't veggie friendly, but do other people tend to steal any food that's left in the fridge? I'll be there 22 days, so I might want to make sure I always have a thing or two stored in there so I don't starve.

I may think of more later, but food is my main concern right now. :)
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A questions about hostel rates... [03 Oct 2006|02:06pm]

When one reads a guidebook, like a Lonely Planet, the authors usually quote hostel prices like this: dm/s/d/tr €20/€30/€35/€50. Now, when they refer to a double, is that the price for the room, or per person staying in the room? So from the example above, would €35 be the cost for my girlfriend and I to have the room, or would we be expected to pay €35 each?

I know it is a pretty simple question, but I wanted to get it checked before we started booking.
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[08 Aug 2006|09:24am]

I'm hoping this community is still alive, regardless of the fact that the last post was over a month ago...

I'm looking into staying in Dublin for about 9 nights and have found the cheapest rates at Jacobs Inn. Can anyone give me information about this place? Yay? Nay? I'm kind of on a budget, so I can't afford anything much more, but if it's a pee pee soaked heck hole, I may have to reconsider.

Anything you guys can give me advice wise would be awesome. Or if you can recommend a better place not found online, that'd be welcomed too.

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[05 Jul 2006|11:23pm]

I will be in Amsterdam this Friday, Saturday and Sunday (July 7, 8 and 9) and then I will be heading to Berlin for Monday and Tuesday (July 10 and 11). I am a 19 year old female travelling solo and I love doing anything and everything, from visiting historical sites to just having a good time ;). I was wondering what you guys definately recommend seeing and doing while in Amsterdam and Berlin. Also, if anyone will be in the area and would like to tour together or just hang out give me an email.
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Hostels in Italy and Spain [28 Jun 2006|04:52pm]

Need Hostels following this trail through italy and spain


Heard the sea something in barcelona is really nice
and that camping is the way to go in Venice

Is this true?
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[28 Jun 2006|09:36pm]

Hey all,
I`m currently an au pair in the south of France (Bandol)and I`ll be here until September 2. I`d love to meet up with other au pairs or travellers during their stays in southern France. I can travel quite extensively as I only work at nighttime and I am free Monday and Tuesdays. Also, I will be in Amsterdam on July 7- July 12 if anyone would like to meet up and do a bit of touring or have a coffee. Hope to hear from some travellers :)
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Berlin [14 Jun 2006|02:05pm]

I'm going to be in Berlin in late June/early July and I'm thinking pretty strongly about staying at the Heart of Gold hostel. It's gotten great reviews *and* it's Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy themed. Has anyone ever stayed there? It's 22€ a night, includes sheets and has no lockout or curfew. Know of any other place I should check out?

I'm also going to be in Amsterdam in early July. Any hostel recommendations for while I'm there?

Thanks for your help!


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Paris! [24 Apr 2006|11:36pm]

Hello fellow travellers!

I'm going to be visiting a friend in Paris for about a week in early May, and I'm looking for hostel recommendations. I've been told to look for a place that has free breakfast and lockers, but other than that, I don't really know what I'm looking for. Anyone have any good experiences, or perhaps more importantly, bad experiences?



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[20 Feb 2006|12:33pm]

does anyone know of a hostel in london that is
dirt cheap
im talkin the cheapest anyone has ever heard of?
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Advice [23 Sep 2005|09:42pm]

I've never stayed in a hostel before, and I don't know what I'm doing. I'm going to Copenhagen in October, I've read some hostel reviews, and I need advice!Collapse )

Thoughts and suggestions? I'm thinking I'd like to do Option number 1, but I thought I'd ask you all first. If anyone has suggestions on my options in general, or on Copenhagen in particular, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
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[30 Aug 2005|01:32pm]

sure, the states might be for some. but what about those that are anxious to leave this country?

i'm pointing myself in the direction of spain. Andalusia would be perfect. but as far as US citizens go, what keeps it from being an easy transition? once gone, never come back.

i've found many options for volunteer work. some short term, some for up to a year. but even then, how does one make the transition from volunteer life to permanently living in that country?

work permits
marrying a citizen there

i like what these have to offer :


excuse the cross posting
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GLOBETROTTER INN [15 Aug 2005|12:41pm]

Globetrotter Inns. Has anyone ever stayed in one?

The reviews in general seem to like it.

The pictures on the site look awesome, but I know that doesn't really mean much.

This is my first hostel adventure so I don't want it to be too sketchy.
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Warning for anyone who is going to Bratislava [15 Aug 2005|04:23pm]

If you are going to Bratislava, do not under any circumstances stay at the Orange Hostel. They get you at the train station with free taxi rides to the hostel. I have never been to such a dump before. All the cabinet doors in my hostel were falling off the hinges. My door didn't lock and the knob was being held together with tape. I have several bug bites on me from staying there. The hallways are unlit. The toilet on my floor was unbolted to the ground and the washrooms contained no toilet paper. The bunk beds had burn marks on them and colourful language written all over. It was a depressing prison like hostel. There is a place called the backpackers inn (on gomio.com).. I would recommend that place.
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[13 Jul 2005|05:12pm]

Three of my friends and I are going to be in London for a couple days sometime in the next couple of months. We're looking at staying at either the Torquay House hostel or the Palace Court Hotel. Of course we're looking for safety, convenience, cleanliness, etc. Has anyone stayed at either of these places?

Thanks for the help in advance!:)


*Also the Albert Hotel?*
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Come away with me [07 Jul 2005|06:02pm]

Hi, my name's jess! This is my first time posting in here, and it's awesome that there are communities devoted to hosteling. I've never done so till this Monday, when I'll be flying from Toronto, Canada across the sea into Heathrow, and taking a train or bus north into Scotland.

When I first heard about hostels I was ecstatic. Cheap lodging for people who want little more than a place to throw their bag? That's incredible!

I've never traveled outside of my home country of the United States before, so this is probably one of the biggest things I've ever done. I've wanted to explore the Highlands all my life; since I was little and heard my family was from there, I've thought it close to my soul, and in a way, all the adventures I dreamt of flying through and all the fables I heard, all the faerytales and lore and myths around me were attached to this valley in my mind, a mist-shroud' place leading to a range of hills. Stretching out forever.
And I saw that place in the Highlands of Scotland.
So I'm going there, and over the course of about five and a half weeks seeking out the green hillside that was once so real to me.

And yeah, I'm sure if you've been there you've seen quite a few hillside ranges, but it'll be special to me, and important. Not that it isn't for you, too.

Has anyone been to Scotland, know anyone from around there, or is anyone there now? I'm looking for any information or advice whatsoever. I'll be staying in hostels, hitch-hiking, and have little money. Tomorrow I think I'm going to buy a Britrail pass.

Well, thanks so much in advance, and for listening! This seems like a wonderful community.


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London [06 Jul 2005|03:54pm]

[ mood | optimistic ]

My friend(s) and I are planning on going to London for our grad trip next March.

We're going to stay in a hostel and I was just wondering if anyone has any recommendations.

There are definitely 2 going, both will be 18, and possibly a couple more who will be 17.

We want somewhere that's close enough to walk to most tourist spots, that's fairly comfortable, cheap and not sketchy!

So far the one we've been leaning towards is called the Quest Hostel (Astors Hostels). Has anyone been there? How is it?

Any help would be appreciated!

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